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Enrol In, Drop, Swap Classes Online

Enrol Online Using Quest: Waterloo's Student Information System

If you have taken a Waterloo course within the last 12 months, you may enrol in classes online through Quest. You'll know immediately whether or not your request was processed.

Readmission: University of Waterloo students who have been away from uWaterloo for more than one year or are returning after having been required to withdraw must apply for readmission. Students with satisfactory standing who are currently enrolled at Waterloo and want to request a program/plan change, must do so on a Plan Modification/Application for Internal Transfer form (Enrolment section of the Registrar's Office Forms site).

Using Quest for Enrolment

Start by reviewing the how do I...? instructions for using Quest page found on the Quest website. You'll find step-by-step instructions including how to:
  • obtain a login and password
  • pre-enrol in classes
  • view your scheduled online enrolment appointment time
  • enrol/add, drop, and swap classes
  • view your schedule

Class Enrolment

  1. If you have been registered at Waterloo in one of the last three terms, you will receive an email message from the Registrar's Office about pre-enrolling in classes, describing when to and how to, using Quest. For pre-enroll instructions, please see How do I pre-enroll in courses? page within the Quest's help instructions. (The date ranges for the pre-enrolment course selection week are outlined in the Important Dates chart.)
  2. Next, approximately two or three months before the term begins, you will be assigned a scheduled online enrolment appointment time (a specific block of time, usually three days) during which you may finalize your enrolment online. Check Quest each term for your scheduled online enrolment appointment time. For instructions, see How do I view my enrollment appointment? page within Quest's help instructions. (Dates for online enrolment periods are outlined in the Important Dates chart.

Note: To determine the class number - needed when enrolling online - check the Undergraduate Schedule of Classes, prior to logging onto Quest. Below is information on how to search for courses meeting certain criteria.

Using the Additional Search Criteria Tool

Waterloo students can log onto Quest. From the Student Centre, click on Academics, then Enroll which will take you to a Search for Classes function. Once inside the Class Search Criteria box, you'll see a button for Additional Search Criteria. Using that, you can look for courses that suit your needs. For example, search for courses offered at a certain time of day or for courses in a certain subject area.

To perform an Additional Search, you must select at least two criteria. For definitions of criterion, please see Quest's Glossary of Terms.

Note to Prospective Students: If you have never taken a course at Waterloo and you need help finding courses (e.g., those offered at a particular time of day, certain subject area), please contact Part-Time Studies; call 519-888-4002 or send an email message.

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Dropping a Class or Withdrawing from the Term

You may drop a class using Quest. However, if you are dropping all of your classes (withdrawing from the term), your request must be made in writing to the Office of the Registrar - fax, or mail the Undergraduate Notice of Withdrawal form (Enrolment section of the Registrar's Office Forms site).

Note: do not enclose your Withdrawal form with other materials – it can result in expensive delays.

For drop or withdrawal date ranges/deadlines, affecting your academic record and tuition refund, review the Important Dates chart.

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Swapping Classes

Quest provides the option to ‘swap’ classes. This allows you to drop one class and enrol in another in a single transaction. The same deadlines for enrolling in/adding classes apply. Review the Important Dates chart.

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